Dear Brittany,

I believe when I talked to you last via AIM , you said you didn’t hate me , so then why are you ignoring me ?   You can’t at least talk over facebook ? There are a few things I need to inform you about , so it’d really be great if you could put aside the fact that i was a shitty friend in the past , and take a little bit of time to talk .

The night we got into a fight at my house , and you left … I wasn’t yelling at you . Matty burnt my tights , and you know how I take out my anger on the people closest to me , and I didn’t direct , or didn’t mean to direct I should say , anything toward you . You just happened to be there . I truly am sorry . 

I could understand the first time we fought why you were mad , but this time , I think that it’s silly . I could be wrong , and have done something to hurt you , but whatever it was , I hope you can forgive me . 

I cleaned up a bunch of shit in my room & packed it away the other day , and came across a box of all our old high school notes and birthday cards from you . I miss that shit . 

We grew up together , and it’s so unfortunate that it’s not continuing that way . It also sucked not having you go to OOB with me this year -____-  You were like a sister to me , and i miss you . You probably read this , and just say whatever , and delete it , but I really wish you’d take the time to consider it . I don’t believe anything negative can come from trying . 

And as for steph , I know she hatessss me ( she told me so pretty much ) , but that’s unfair . I understand that by hurting you , she got mad , which is what friends do , but being THIS mad at me for something so SMALL is absurd . 

At least don’t shut me out in the dark , let me know what I did to deserve being ignored , blocked , and forgotten .

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My body is deteriorating.

Not really, but for the past three days, I’ve woken up with severe migraines . And when I say severe , I mean LOSS of feeling in my finger tips and tongue as well as my loss of vision. It’s extremely scary . It’s landed me in the hospital quite the few times -___- .

Today I got wicked nauseous . I would have cried if I threw up . I always cry . I hate hate hate throwing up . It’s got to be the worst . I just slept all day instead . I think I’m going to work on my next tumblr :)


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  • shower, get ready.
  • smoke a blunt.
  • meet nikki’s gay friend & smoke a blunt with him.
  • going to Kane’s Pitts to a bonfire.
  • getting drunk obviously.
  • smoking a blunt with nikki & beamer j .
  • passsingoutttt.
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So, last night, I bought white, peach, and a translucent glitter polish and gave myself a french manicure.


I haven’t been able to paint my nails in almost 15 years because I’ve always bitten them . But , now they’re all long and pretty . I haven’t bitten them since February ! I got fake nails , and promised myself that once they were grown out and my real nails were long enough , that i’d stop biting & i did :)

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Yes! I got a job at Dunkin Donuts . I mean , It’s not the same one, but it’s with one of the same managers & i’ll be doing overnight & he said he’ll pay me more <3
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Also almost beat the SHIT out of some girl today ; she ran like a bitch too . HA .


Here’s my Facebook Status :

I mean , you must feel wicked badass to be able to say shit when I drive by , but yet when I whip in reverse , your eyes widen & you run back to your five year old friends - bet you must feel like you’re queen shit of the kuka tribe right ? you’ve got some growing up to do .

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I told my boyfriend the other day that I wanted to get married on 11/11/11 <3


i know that’s not very realistic, but i mean, c’mon dude, we’ve been together 8 FUCKING YEARS this August . that’s a long ass time , ya digg ? 

… i’ll settle for being proposed to on that date instead ;)

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& it was all so fucking cute. he took it & lightly brushed it down my back … LIKE YOU SEE IN THE MOVIESSS!! sadfhsadlkuhalskduhf SO CUTE .

seven years & i’m still madly in love with this boy <3

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Today was Miserable.


  • i woke up at 9 .
  • went down stairs .
  • my mom tore apart the living room cuz my cousins shit was everywhere .
  • yet she told me to move out again …
  • threw my unpacked boxes at my door .
  • i’m now barricaded in my room .
  • and i have been since 10 .
  • i slept from 11 - 3 .
  • woke up & had a cigg .
  • now my tumblr layout is being a bishh .
  • im starting to be depressed again :(
  • FMFL .
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So I’m trying to find a long lost love on Facebook.


  • We grew up together.
  • His name was Stephen Young
  • I know he had a brother named Darryl and a little sister named Rhiannon
  • i just don’t know how they spell their names…
  • He lived like three doors down
  • We loved each other even though we were like in fifth grade
  • I moved away from him and when I returned I found out he had moved away too
  • It’s been almost ten years since I’ve last seen him
  • I really wish I could find him…

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